As a student enrolled in Monart classes, I understand that the projects presented in my classes are the Intellectual Property of Monart School of Art, Houston and Pearland and Rangoli, Inc. and are owned under copyright law by them.

I understand that the Monart School of Art owners have an agreement with Monart that they will not give or sell the Monart projects to any individual or organization.

All materials and a portfolio are included within the price of the tuition. The price per class is $25.00 for 60-minute classes and $30 for 90-minute classes when students enroll for a full semester. Single-class drop ins cost $30 for 60 minute classes and $35 for 90-minute classes. No refunds once you have registered.

The camps are offered on full and half day basis. The price varies by camps. No refunds once you have registered. No camp credit for absences.

I understand that I cannot take the teaching materials from my classes at Monart and use them in any capacity, including but not limited to any job in which I teach, or as the parent of home school student groups, either as a volunteer or as a paid employee.

I understand that the artwork prepared by the student is the property of the student. I also understand that student artwork may be withheld in order to compile a book of all artwork created by the student over the course of the class term.

I understand that Monart is not liable or responsible for any harm that may come to me or my family on Monart premises or during a Monart class or event.

I understand that any missed class or class credits cannot be applied towards camps or vice-versa.

I understand that I will not receive a refund for my tuition paid for classes or camps. In the case that the student misses any classes, it is the student’s responsibility to make up the missed class before the end of that term.

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