Monart is a family-owned and operated school which sets the foundation for tomorrow’s most creative leaders through educational art, ceramics, fashion design, and writing classes, camps and afterschool programs

We teach using the Monart method, which is the most effective way to instill in your children the artistic skills they need to communicate their ideas more effectively and confidently, both on traditional and digital platforms. Since we opened our doors in Houston, Texas in 2008, our youngest students have boasted increases in confidence and improvements in their fine motor skills. Our older students have developed a foundation for accelerated advancement through their academic and professional careers as they draw and visualize their ideas and school projects more easily than their peers.

Our teaching method was developed by Ms. Mona Brookes and leverages students’ familiarity with basic shapes to help them deconstruct complex images into simpler parts. By connecting concrete shapes and nature, children lay a foundation that serves as a stepping stone toward the more sophisticated world of art lessons often taught in middle school, high school, and college art courses and computer animation/digital illustration courses.

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The Monart Difference

Our primary goal with all our classes and camps at Monart is to give our students a skill set they can use throughout their lives and the confidence to use it without hesitation. We offer a variety of art classes, camps, workshops, off-site after-school programs, and private parties to ensure that our students receive the best art training we have to offer.

All of our sessions, whether in a class, camp, workshop, or private party, guide students step-by-step through a path of evolutionary growth in visualization that starts with the five elements of shapes (i.e., straight lines, angle lines, curve lines, circles, and dots) and leads new artists toward curated combinations of shapes that express their unique artistry as their portfolios grow over time. Students find the means toward true, unbound artistic development in our art classes and art camps, which is truly our main goal at Monart.

Our students learn so much more from our age-appropriate and progressive curriculum of art lessons. While there are plenty of books available that teach children how to draw or complete various art projects, our program makes sure to teach students about the subject of their drawing or project at the beginning of the lesson. The benefits of this process are twofold – students become more interested in the subject of their artwork and retain information at nearly eight times the normal rate when they combine learning about a subject and drawing that same subject.

We push our students and campers to toward their potential in the most non-judgmental and encouraging way possible. Art students in our program learn to overcome their limitations little by little with each art lesson and project. Each student’s progress over a 12-week class term (or even just a week-long camp) is easy to see in the bound portfolios of artwork that students take home at the end of each term.

We have seen consistent improvement in all our students and, as our students’ parents and school teachers constantly tell us, the added benefits of:

– Increased confidence
– Better communication skills
– Better hand-eye coordination
– Increased focus and better work ethic
– Better computer and graphic design skills



Improve drawing and media application skills in a variety of classes.

Fashion Design

Fashion Design

Design your dream wardrobe or just alter your current one.



Learn to throw, build, and glaze ceramic wares with us.



Flexible, year-round camps for students of all ages and interests.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Unleash the stories brewing in your imagination.



Let us design a unique party for your child and their friends or for you and yours!


Monart School of Art is located in the beautiful, sprawling Pearland Learning Center. Monart’s premises boast four spacious classrooms equipped materials and sinks, a fashion design atelier with changing rooms, a state-of-the-art full-service ceramics studio, in-house kiln firing, a community library, a large outdoor garden, a conference room for parent-teacher meetings, and a lobby gallery with coffee and snacks for all our students, their families, and visitors.

frequently asked questions

Can I try it before I enroll?

Yes! We offer and encourage trial classes so you can see whether you like Monart and we can give you an informed assessment of which class or program is best for you.

What do you teach students?

Every program and curriculum is designed to help our students develop essential skills over the 12-week term. This includes basic skills like drawing and shape recognition, and works up to more advanced skills like painting, stitching, and carving techniques. For details about specific classes, please ask us or, better yet, take a free trial class.

What happens when I miss a class?

We will work with you to schedule a make-up class.

What happens after the 12-week term? When do I enroll for the next level?

Students are expected to stay in a certain class and level for four terms (approximately 48 total weeks) before proceeding to the next level. In some cases, students may stay in a class and level for a longer period of time or advance more quickly. Our curriculum is progressive, so no project is repeated and different media and techniques are continuously introduced.

When is the class? How long does it last?

Classes are once a week, on the same day and time each week. Classes for our younger students (under age 8) are 60 minutes long. Classes for older and more advanced students, as well as some specialty classes, are 90 minutes long. Our schedule details the days and times for all the classes we offer.

Do I need to bring anything?

No. We provide all the materials, always.

How much does it cost? What if I enroll late?

60-minute classes cost $22.91 per class, and 90-minute classes cost $27.00 per class. Prices are pro-rated, so you only pay for the classes you take! Prices are inclusive of all materials.
Camp, pick-up program, and party pricing depends on how many camps, which pick-up program, and which parties you select.

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